The Books 1964-1983

16 books on food, art, and social history.

The Pantheon Story of Art
Pantheon Books, 1964 (Ten Editions and roughly half a millions copies sold. Literary Guild Selection)

Prehistoric Art and Art of the Ancient Near East
MCGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Greek and Roman Art
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Art of the Middle Ages
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Art of the Early Renaissance
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Art of the High Renaissance
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Art of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Art of the Nineteenth Century
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Twentieth Century Art
McGraw Hill (19681971)

Chinese and Oriental Art
McGraw Hill (1968-1971)

Primitive Art
McGraw Hill 91968-1971)

Children’s Homage to Picasso
Harry N. Abrams, 1970

On the Town in New York: A History of Eating, Drinking and Entertainments from 1776 to the Present
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973
Revised Routledge, 1999

History in Art
Franklin Watts, Inc., 1974

The Pantheon Story of American Art
Pantheon, 1976

Mirror, Mirror: A Social History of Fashion
Chanticleer, 1977
Re issued as Fashion, the Mirror of History
Chanticleer/Greenwich House, 1982